Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Hunya Munya Podcasts are here!

Started a new Podcast today to keep up with all the amazing music we are receiving here @ Hunya Munya. Wanted to showcase specific tracks that were more on the visual side of the film/television genres. Hope you all enjoy. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hunya Munya Publishing Update

Added a Top 25 folder to showcase some of our amazing artists. Since our catalog is growing and expanding we figure it's time to showcase some specific artists and welcome in the new artists that have joined the Hunya Munya roster.

We plan on adding Moods/Genres so music supervisors can have an easier time finding specific types of tracks in the catalog.

Monday, March 15, 2010

BBC Radio Bristol Showcases Rykard "The Rock Hewn"

BBC Radio Bristol showcases Rykard's track The Rock Hewn!

Quote from BBC Radio Bristol: "Rykard's a resident of Lancashire and a prevailer of fine atmospheric ambient instrumental wizardry. I like inparticular the titles of Rykard tracks, they have a natural realism, a sense of something solid Gary...North Cormorant Obscurity, Mmmmm, Monolithic, Oh yes, and this one, Rock Hewn."

Buy Rykard's new album on iTunes & Amazon:


BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson Introduces RYKARD's track North Cormorant Obscurity

BBC Radio 6 Host Tom Robinson introduces Rykard on national radio. Rykard's new album "Arrive The Radio Beacon" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, and many other digital download sites.

Support Rykard by going here:



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hunya Munya Publishing Major Content Update

Hi Friends,

Just finished a major content update today on the Hunya Munya Publishing site.

Added a lot of new amazing and talented artists for our Film/TV line up and are always on the lookout for those special gems.

Here is a top 25 list of some of our favorite tracks that were just added to the catalog. You can listen to these tracks in full streaming quality on our website.

(3-13-2010) Hunya Munya Publishing Top 25 [In No Particular Order]

- Auditory Canvas - Fabrique
- Benjamin in Peru - Feather Triangle
- David Kira - Tokyo Dream
- Dream Rhythm - Seambient
- Elysian Piers - September Again
- Everything Is - Soon
- Everything Is - Waterfall
- Griff - Get on With It
- Guy Gelem - Pace
- Zirio des Ziris - Jeune Fille
- Warloz - Radio Wave
- Spleen - City Of Sleeping Birds
- Stimulus Timbre - Shattered Souls
- HipGnosis -Lostructur
- Holon - Khadak
- Riccicomoto - Emily (Dr Mabuse Organ Edit)
- Peter Vanek - Sanctuary
- PassePartout an'Kler - Matt's stale carillon
- Homesic - Oh, Daydreamer
- Lorga - Cantavamos
- Mr. Squirell - A Late Night
- Iridium Flares - Anchor
- Auditory Canvas - Spring Rain
- Warloz - When We Were kids
- Elysian Piers - Music Box

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rykard "Arrive The Radio Beacon" Officially on iTunes!

Well everyone, the day has arrived, Rykard's album is dropping tomorrow on iTunes and we are STOKED!

Check the link below to buy Rykard's debut album "Arrive The Radio Beacon".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rykard - Arrive The Radio Beacon

We are gearing up for Rykards debut album release on March 10th. Hoping iTunes will process it in time, who knows, sometimes they take longer then expected. Long story short, Rykard's album is a special one, his music is incredible, visual and full of moods and emotion. I'll throw the tracklisting below plus a little video preview we did for his album release. Would love any feedback or comments you have.


1. Psirens
2. Down With Ginny
3. The Rock Hewn
4. Monolithic
5. Marine Sulphur Queen
6. Peter & Clark's Big Idea
7. Faustian Pact
8. North Cormorant Obscurity
9. Out of the Orchid Way
10. Sky at Walton
11. Winnat's Pass
12. Cross the Lades Marsh
13. The Transmission Fields
14. Bowland Glider Outro Mix