Thursday, September 15, 2016

RYKARD - Luminosity Album

Rykard's 2nd album Luminosity is coming out on Sept 17th, 2016 on digital worldwide! Limited CD's will be available October 17th through Amazon and Big Cartel, and super limited 12" vinyl with some unreleased material on B side will be available at the beginning of 2017.

So excited and proud of Rick, the guy is an absolute genius when it comes to atmospheric electronica. I think my favorite track on Luminosity so far is Artificial Sunshine which I'm pretty sure he wrote for the wonderful Anne Litt, but I could be wrong. :)

I'm throwing Rick's bio and some links below for anyone interested...

Artist Bio:

RYKARD is a producer of ambient electronica from the gloomy countryside of Lancashire, England. His first debut album “Arrive the Radio Beacon” in 2010 made waves across the globe with his unique blend of atmospheric bliss that wowed radio DJ’s on the BBC, KCRW Los Angeles and more.
RYKARD’s second album Luminosity maintains a similar philosophy but takes things to another level, a stunning arrangement of atmospheric electronica from another dimension. Luminosity is set for a Sept 17th, 2016 release with limited CD’s coming October and also exclusive limited Vinyl coming soon after.

Artificial Sunshine:


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Some words from Unknown Pleasures #97:

"Comparisons with Boards of Canada are inevitable. However, he has forged his own sound. Ictis, the first teaser for his new album, Luminosity, is as wide and expansive as the County he hails from. Opening with a hint of 808 State’s Pacific State, Ictis emerges into slow-chilled trip-hop beats, dub bass and shimmering synths that mingle to produce trance-like melodies. This dark-edged, introspective and contemplative mood allows the listener to create their own journey. Ictis is a stunning arrangement of atmospheric electronica dabbling in delicate melodies and dimensional flurries." - Unknown Pleasures