Saturday, May 8, 2010

KCRW's Anne Litt plays RYKARD - Down with Ginny (ON AIR!)

Anne Litt @ KCRW has just hammered Rykard's track "Down with Ginny"! Anne Litt is the acclaimed hostess of KCRW’s popular weekend afternoon music program and has served as music supervisor for such beloved and influential films as Little Miss Sunshine. Thanks for the support Anne!

For those of you who don't know, KCRW is one of the most famous radio stations for music supervisors and filmmakers to find and hear new music. Countless artists and bands have gotten recognized from air-play on KCRW. The theme song for "The Sopranos" was picked up because of KCRW. KCRW is broadcast in Santa Monica but has live streaming radio on their website and also if you have an iPhone you can download KCRW's super awesome app, basically taking KCRW anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

From the BBC Radio to L.A.'s biggest and most influential station KCRW, we are humbled and so thankful for the international support Rykard has received so far.

KCRW On-Air official playlist:
April 24th 3:58 PM - Artist: Rykard - Title: Down With Ginny - Album: Arrive The Radio Beacon - Record Label: Hunya Munya

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